Saturday, January 12, 2008

Employers Want Honed Communication Skills


Article Title: Employers Want Honed Communication Skills
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By Tahjia Chapman,

Excellent communication skills could make or break your career. The ability to articulate your thoughts is a valuable possession for professionals in every field. Many students consider these abilities as a given talent, but neglect honing these skills for their futures. Employers want candidates who can provide results by interacting with customers, co-workers, and other important audiences. If you do not believe us, the current results of the National Association and College Employers (NACE) survey reveal employers’ desire candidates at

How Are Your Interpersonal Skills?

Speaking to others is a part of life. If you are antisocial or prefer to be alone, it may hinder your career in the future. Working within groups and making plans with individuals involves excellent interpersonal communication skills. Your career activities will include working face-to-face with prospective customers or clients, securing project information from colleagues, and presenting your findings to individuals. Your employers expect you to have these skills in the job market so make them proud by honing them through practice.

Practice Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is an essential business skill to hone through participation in public forums, class participation, and debates. A lot of college students naturally fear public speaking and it is normal that most overcome it. In group interviews, recruiters weed out the anti-social candidates or non-participants through public speaking exercises. Be prepared for this by applying your interpersonal skills to a group of individuals. Make each person feel as if you are talking to them directly and you will have a strong response from any crowd.

Writing Bridges The Verbal Gap

If you know how to speak aloud, your writing must speak directly to your readers. Writing skills are very important in the job market. You use writing for cover letters, emails, sales proposals, and reports in your career. You could find yourself fin a disappointing state if your writing skills do not prove themselves to future employers. Practice honing these skills by editing, proofing, and writing correspondence on a daily basis. The writing can be about anything as long as you can improve your ability to delivery coherent messages to your reader.

You may consider talking a natural ability, but it is an important tool for your job search. Recruiters, gate keepers, and employers will shut you out if you are not articulate. With practice, you can become an asset for prospective employers. Take your time, acknowledge your weaknesses, and move forward in your journey towards success.

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Shweta Khare said...

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